Love your neighbour

Love your neighbour

In the wake of recent events, precisely the issue of racism that is being addressed on a global scale, I was compelled to chime in. The way I see it is that the human race is being and has always been faced with a heart issue, rather than racism alone. Racism is one of the many world problems.

I think the idea that racism should or could  be eradicated from the world is as delusional as it gets. Human beings are a flawed species therefore they have, within them, the ability and willingness to perform unpleasant actions toward other human beings. Why? Because the heart of man is evil, wicked and filled with hatred. You can’t aspire to create a perfect world where all individuals live harmoniously with one another, that won’t happen, simply because people are IMPERFECT beings. It sounds good to have paradise on earth but it’s unrealistic. In all walks of life, every domain, every nation, every community, you will find people who are rude, who have uncivil behaviour and who will do idiotic things at times. However, once you grasp this reality that we live in a fallen and broken world, and that human beings are imperfect, you won’t be shocked anymore. Instead, you will have an open mind, learn how to work and co-exist with these kinds of people as peacefully as you can. Ideally, I think we would all like to live peaceably and respectfully with each other but then again that is wishful thinking. If that was possible, we would not have prisons, security guards, police, military or disciplinary programs.

Any nation that has rejected God and has turned away from His ways and His instructions is doomed. Sooner or later it will have to deal with the consequences. The Bible says that God will not be mocked, we shall reap what we sow. We sowed rebellion, pride, greed, selfishness etc. and what we are seeing right now is the outcome of our past choices as humanity. We have to evaluate ourselves from within and make the right kind of change. First, we rebuild our intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ by Faith, and experience a genuine, divine transformation. The Bible says that when this happens, we become new creatures, with a new heart and a new set of standards and desires aligned with God’s will. Second, when we realize how much we are loved by God and we encounter His Holy Spirit, we fall in love with Him too. The Bible says that if we love Him we will obey His commands, which are: to love God with all of our heart, our mind, our soul and our strength and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. In this current climate, loving our neighbor would be a great start. Seeing your neighbor, your colleague, your acquaintance, your friend, your coworker or a stranger, as an individual who has values and principles, not the color of their skin (this is a physical trait we are born with, which in my opinion shouldn’t matter – it adds nothing substantial to my character or to the discussions we are having, it changes absolutely nothing, therefore it should be viewed as an unimportant or a neutral factor). Finally, we get to teach and show  this kind of love and compassion to our children, at home, that way when they grow up, they will become upstanding, responsible human beings and positive contributors to society. The foundation of any society is the HOME.

God bless you!

Delphine R

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