Dear kobe

Dear kobe

Dear Kobe,

I want you to know that even though you did not know me, I knew you. I knew your mind, I knew your greatness, I knew your heart, I knew your excellence and I saw your light. On January 26th 2020, when it was announced that you were gone, the whole world stopped. It was shuttered. Hearts are still broken and bleeding. No dry eye around the world. You touched people of all races, all ages and aIl generations. I had just come back home from church, I was in the kitchen cooking meals for dinner, and my cousin said Black Mamba is dead. I was listening to gospel songs with my headphones on, I was like what?

I removed the headphones, asked my cousin to repeat what he just said, he said, the author of the book you have been reading “The Mamba Mentality” just passed away. I could not believe it. I just couldn’t. I told him KOBE BRYANT cannot die. He just can’t. Then I sat on the floor, still in disbelief. But then I realized it might be true. Then I started crying. Then I went back to the kitchen and I went online to see the news for myself, then I started searching for videos about you. Man. I cried for about three days straight and I mourned for a whole month. The truth is, I and the rest of the world will never be the same without your presence on this earth. Your departure feels like robbery. We got robbed of lessons and inspiration we could have gotten from you. Nevertheless, we are grateful to have had you and we are thankful for your life and your way of life. We learned a lot from you. You are one of a kind Kobe, a rare breed indeed. You are one of the greatest human beings to have walked this earth.

Kobe Bryant, you didn’t know me but I have to tell you man, your powerful presence on this earth had a tremendous impact on my life, even now that you are gone, we can still feel the intensity of the life you led. And that will help us to keep going. You said in multiple videos that you hope to inspire people. You did. You still are inspiring us. And you always will. You lived your life to the fullest, without compromising, not one bit. The entire world will be better off because you were here. You are without a doubt one of the best humans to have ever come into this world. For me, Kobe Bryant now has a meaning.

Kobe Bryant means: true greatness, excellence, massive success, living a full life, loving family, building genuine connections with people, enjoying the moment, leading by example, thinking long-term, never stop learning, perfecting your craft, be real, be the best version of yourself, be better everyday, find something you love and give it your all. Give it everything you are and everything you’ve got with no excuses. Challenge yourself. Obsession, ownership, intensity, attention to details, ambition, dream,  drive, competitiveness, vision, hard work, passion, compassion, commitment, future generation, fun and focus, faith and a strong mind. Intellect, maturity, curiosity, living everyday as if it was your last day (in a good way)… Building an everlasting legacy.

Thank you for everything Kobe,

Love you.

Delphine R

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